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MAGIC BOY (used)

MAGIC BOY (used)

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As a wizard's apprentice, Hewlett has made some mistakes in the past, but this time he's really blown it! He's turned the master into a gigantic blue elephant and every other creature within a hundred mile radius into a monster! Now it's up to you to return everything to normal.You are Hewlett, the hapless apprentice. In order to correct your mistake, you'll need to travel through four worlds and sixty-four levels of treacherous steps, dangerous jumps and other perilous situations to capture the rampaging monsters and toss 'em in jail. The monsters may look cute and cuddly, but they're gonna make you wish you had never picked up a wand and spell book! To help out, there are thirty-two hidden bonus levels providing you with extra lives and continues; chances are you'll need them!

Includes original game cartridge and will include instruction manual when available. Most retro cartridge games do not include their original box/case.

All games from Playback Video Games are in good used condition, cleaned, and guaranteed to work. If you have any questions in regards to individual product condition, please feel free to contact us.

Product Details

Platform: Super Nintendo

Genre: Action & Adventure

ESRB Rating: Everyone

No. of Players: 1 Player

Also Compatible With:

Release Date: 1996-08-01


Publisher: JVC Musical Industries, Inc.

Region: NTSC (US, Canada)