Return Policy


Last revised March 20th, 2024


The following information covers the eligibility, terms, and procedures for returns of all purchases made at Playback Video Games, from online and at retail locations.

Product terms and eligibility are impacted by but not limited to:

  • Order/purchase method: in-store, shipped (online), in-store pickup (online)
  • Purchase/delivery date & date of return
  • Condition of the product at time of purchase
  • Condition of the product at time of return
  • Reason/nature of the return
  • Product type

    All purchases must be returned to their place or purchase. In-store purchases and picked up online orders may only be returned to that store.

    Online orders placed via a third party marketplace must be returned via the method of purchase (eBay, Amazon, etc.).

    We ask that you take the time to review our policy before making purchases. If you have questions or require clarification, feel free to contact us

    Please read thoroughly.

    Eligibility by Product Type & Condition


    New Products

    • Unopened new products may be exchanged or refunded within 7 days of purchase.
    • Opened new products may not be returned unless the product is defective.
    • Defective new products may be exchanged with an identical item within 14 days of purchase.
    • Opened new video games are not returnable, but are eligible for trade-in as a used product.
    • All defective new product must remain free of visible wear and have all packaging and manufacturer warranty labels untampered with on the product itself (if applicable).
    • In the rare instance a new video game console is defective, contact with the devices manufacturer is recommended.

        Used Products

        • Used video games may be returned within 14 days of purchase.
        • Used video game accessories may be returned within 14 days of purchase.
        • Used video game consoles may be returned within 30 days of purchase.
        • All used products must remain in the same visible condition as it was purchased as with any stickers/warranty labels (if applicable) untampered with on the product itself. Used video game consoles must be returned without modification of any kind.

          Non-Returnable Products Include The Following:

          • Posters, Mugs, Wall Art, Doormats, and Homeware Goods
          • Apparel, Plush, Keychains, and Miscellaneous Collectibles
          • Food & Drink
          • Figures
          • Repair/Replacement Parts
          • 1UpCard Items
          • Guidebooks & Magazines
          • Opened Video Game Software that was purchased New
          • In the instance that a product is eligible for an exchange for that identical product and is out of stock, a refund will be processed.

          Repair Services

          • Discs that have been resurfaced that are still experiencing issues are eligible for a second stage of resurfacing free of charge with proof of purchase.
          • All repair services offered by Playback Video Games, Inc. are eligible for a 30-day limited warranty. Playback Video Games agrees to reservice the device within 30 days at no cost if the reported solution becomes unresolved. This limited warranty does not cover new damage incurred after store pickup including cosmetic damage.

            Gift Cards

            Gift Cards purchases are non refundable in all instances.

            Holiday Purchases

            Any in-store or online purchase made between the Monday before Thanksgiving and the end of day Christmas Eve intended as gifts will have the first day of the return/exchange policy begin on the Christmas Day (December 25th) of that respective calendar year. If an online purchase is delivered after Christmas Day, then the date of delivery is determined as the first day.


            We make every effort to display as accurately as possible the details of the products available on each product listing made by Playback Video Games, on the website, as well as in each store location. However, we do wish to remind you that certain colors, features, specifications, and details of the products may be listed as typographical errors. We do not take responsibility for intentional or unintentional misrepresentation of any product shared anywhere outside of our store locations, online shop, social media, or any other form of communication in which can be confirmed as Playback Video Games, Inc. We will not be held responsible for any details published or shared by any user other than Playback Video Games on any digital platform. If you determine inaccuracies with any product descriptions we have published before your order has shipped, you are able to cancel your order.

            In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to typographical error, is ordered when incorrectly listed as available, we shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price. If your credit card or any other form of payment has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, your payment method will be refunded in the amount of the charge.

            In the event that you have paid and received the item and determine you may have been charged an incorrect price, we shall solely decide at our discretion the accuracy and validity of the claim in order to determine how to proceed. If the purchase was made in-store, then you should first contact the store location by phone to determine how to proceed. You may be asked bring the item and receipt back to the store location is was purchase at in order to resolve the dispute.

            Our company carries many used products spanning multiple generations. Due to the change and evolution in technology over the decades, it is your responsibility to be aware of what your purchase is currently compatible with. Please make yourself familiar with the proper accessories and equipment needed to support use with any used product beforehand.

            Think you might need to make a return? Send us an email at

            Need help setting up or troubleshooting your products? Check out our helpdesk, or send us an email at